Budget Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Thinking of spicing up your bathroom without spending an arm and a leg?  You have come to the right place!

Below are just a few ways to give your bathroom a facelift and increase the value of your Vancouver property without having to break the bank.

These ideas will help make an immediate impact while being budget and time conscious. 

Oversized Mirrors

Make it feel like you have more room in the bathroom than you actually do!  Larger bathroom mirrors will lighten up the area and make it easier for couples and families to share the bathroom together.

Vanity Lighting

Upgrading your vanity lighting to a more stylish design is a quick and cost effective way to spruce up the bathroom.  Make sure you pair it with LED lights for maximum style at reduced energy consumption.  Opt for LED bulbs with a higher lumen output to lighten up your bathroom! 

Bathroom Faucet

Buying a new a polished bathroom faucet is one of the most cost effective ways to instantly increase the wow factor of your bathroom.  The bathroom theme starts and ends with the faucet so opting with a more modern chrome finish can help make a night and day change.

Modern Shower Panel

Square footage in Vancouver is at a premium these days so a shower panel is a must for condo and townhome units.  Upgrade your shower head and install a modern shower panel to create extra storage room for your bathroom essentials.  An innovative shower panel changes the entire bathtub experience and helps create a more luxurious feeling.


There you go!  These relatively quick and low-cost fixes will impress your guests and also make trips to the bathroom much more enjoyable for yourself and your family.  Going ahead with these small tweaks will make a big impact and make it feel like you are in a completely new bathroom.  Let us know if you need any of our handyman to lend you a hand on this!